Backup Generators

Commercial Backup GeneratorsIf you are one of many people searching for backup power generators, then American Electric Contracting is for you. We are experienced with a wide variety of name brand electric generator manufacturers,which helps us choose the backup generator system that’s best for your individual home or business needs.

American Electric will:

  • recommend the generator that’s right for you
  • Provide a full service installation
  • Perform ongoing maintenance of your generator

We are generator specialists, and are only one call away should you ever have any problems. Whether we installed your generator or you purchased it elsewhere, we’re happy to come out for routine maintenance or full service repair.  Our goal is to make sure you’ve got the emergency power you need and that means providing a helping hand from beginning to end.

American Electric Contracting will be here to help you during an extended power outage. American Electric Contracting will be here to help you keep your lights and heat on when you need them most. Contact us today.